Emergency Evacuation Procedures

What do you do when the fire alarm goes off?

Evacuation is the rapid removal of people in a safe and orderly manner from immediate or threatened danger in a workplace.

Remain calm and don’t panic.

Go straight to the designated assembly area, all buildings have this.

On the way out, check all rooms, especially change-rooms, toilets, behind doors, storage areas etc. to see if everybody is following this procedure.

Head Count
At the assembly area do a head count of all staff, contractors and visitors.

Report to the Fire and Rescue coordinator any concerns and anything important that they should be aware about, such as missing persons and hazardous materials on the site.

So are you prepared for a fire?

Is your workplace secure?

Eurobodalla Fire Service can conduct site surveys and analyses and provide Emergency Evacuation Plans and Staff Training for any emergency situation.

Fire Alarm

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